A Women’s Day Event

Sponsored by the BDLC Women's Committee

March 07, 2022 at
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
This is a virtual event

Join us for an interactive evening with incredible local women in leadership roles. Hear their stories. Ask them questions.

Supporting women today and everyday!

Donate to the Barrie Women & Children’s Shelter

We want to apologize to our guest Shelly Skinner from UPlift Black, and our community, for the events of last night. What happened was unacceptable, intrusive, and does not represent the values of the Barrie and District Labour Council.  

The people who disrupted our meeting last night with racist, anti-Semitic messages are bullies. They will not intimidate us. They will not stop the important work we are trying to accomplish. To them we would like to say: you cannot win. This has only strengthened our resolve.

Last night’s event is yet another example of the racism and discrimination that Black people in our community face on a daily basis. It also shows us why we must confront and combat racism in all its forms, whenever and wherever we encounter it. 

We want to assure everyone that the Barrie and District Labour is taking steps to ensure this never happens again. We are committed to an inclusive and hate-free environment and deeply regret that last night’s event was not a safe space that allowed all participants to express their voice freely.